I built this site for my own purpose and to be used by schools. I like Thirukural for its religion, god, region agnostic approach. Its a common to everyone around the world. I personally find lot of similarities in terms of stoic writing and other common good virtues highlighted in different religions. Its simple and approachable nature is what attracts me to this. Minimalism is built right into it.

Thirukural is a remarkable work that gives us invaluable lessons that is, written by an eminent scholar named Thiruvalluvar. The book’s originally written in Tamil and is supposedly composed in the 1st century CE. It’s a collection of 1,330 couplets related to three aspects of life — virtue, wealth, and love. Even after about 2,000 years, it continues to have a strong influence on Tamil culture. Kural is used as a literary term to indicate "a metrical line of 2 feet, or a distich or couplet of short lines, the first of 4 and the second of 3 feet.

Cheers, Ram